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Helpful Links
Information & Resources on Human Trafficking
Citizen Action: How Can I Help End Modern-Day Slavery?
Suggested Reading

American Association of Christian Counselors www.aacc.net

      For Current Work in Rwanda: Project Tuza

Biblical Theological Seminary www.biblical.edu

Committed to Freedom www.committedtofreedom.org

Global Trauma Recovery Institute www.globaltraumarecovery.org
GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) www.netgrace.org
International Justice Mission www.ijm.org

Musings of a Christian Psychologist (Dr. Phil Monroe) www.wisecounsel.wordpress.com

She's My Sister www.congosister.org
Society for Christian Psychologists www.christianpsych.org
The Place of Refuge www.placeofrefuge.net
World Help www.worldhelp.net
World Vision www.worldvision.org
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Steps to Take

ECPAT INTERNATIONAL – End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes. Offers many resources and training documents. www.ecpat.net
GENEVA GLOBAL – Has brokered money to community-based efforts addressing human trafficking. www.GenevaGlobal.com 
INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE MISSION — Gary Haugen, President and Founder. www.ijm.org
LOLA GREENE BALDWIN FOUNDATIONwww.prostitutionrecovery.org
SHARED HOPE INTERNATIONAL — Linda Smith, Founder. www.sharedhope.org
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LIVING WITHOUT VIOLENCE & EXPLOITATION – Contact Dr. Donna Hughes (a professor at University of Rhode Island) to participate with this listserv (Dignity@LISTSERV.URI.EDU) dhughes@uri.edu
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www.humantrafficking.org — International web resource specific to East Asia and the Pacific regions
www.state.gov — US Department of State Trafficking In Persons Report (TIP)

Farley, Melissa (Ed.) (2003). Prostitution, Trafficking, and Traumatic Stress. Binghamton, NY: The Haworth Press, Inc.
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Kilbourn, Phyliss & McDermid, Marjorie (Eds.). Sexually Exploited Children: Working To Protect and Heal. Fort Mill, SC: Rainbows of Hope. www.wec-int.org/rainbows 
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Malarek, Victor (2003). The Natasha’s: Inside The New Global Sex Trade. New York: Arcade Publishing, Inc.
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The Justice Mission. Video curriculum for high school students developed by International Justice Mission. www.ijm.org
The Selling of Innocents (a documentary). A Halperin/Jacobovici Production, Malofilm Video, No. 96401. Distributed by Malofilm International. 221 Young Street, Suite 400. Toronto Ontario, M4S 2B4, Canada.  Tel. 416.480.0453
Sex Slaves (a PBS documentary). Ric Esther Bienstock, writer and producer. www.pbs.org
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Steps to Take
1) Read Good News about Injustice by Gary Haugen.
2) Read the U.S. Department of State paper, “How Can I Recognize Trafficking Victims?”
3) Gather a small group together to read about and study this issue.
4) Educate your church, your schools and your community.
5) Plan a fund raiser to support those organizations who are working to fight trafficking.
6) Give of your resources.
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Human trafficking takes on many forms in the 21st century with people becoming trapped into lives of servitude and misery through varied avenues and methods. Foreigners who enter the United States legally or illegally may have to pay their "smugglers" or middle-men exorbitant fees. Some people arrive believing they’ll have a legitimate job as a housekeeper or nanny and end up as domestic slaves unable to leave their traffickers’ homes. Others are completely tricked and end up in forced, commercial, sexual exploitation. Some men believe they’ll earn money working on a farm, but find themselves working to pay off the inflated "debt" from "travel costs" -- working months and years on end while the traffickers pocket their earnings.

Whatever the situation, as citizens we can all make a difference in helping end and eradicate modern-day slavery. Our recommendations include the following:
1) Increase Public Awareness About Modern-day Slavery
Human trafficking could be discussed in an open forum at your local church, college, school, synagogue, or civic group. Many Americans are still unaware of how widespread the problem is and how it may even be happening in their own backyards. The more people learn about this human rights abuse, the more "eyes and ears" are available to help report suspected cases and prevent further abuses.
2) Support Groups that Work to End Human Trafficking
In the U.S. and abroad, dozens of local, state, international, and multi-national organizations are working to combat modern-day slavery. Research these groups and learn about their efforts. Find out how you can help, either by volunteering or supporting their efforts financially.
3) Ask Your State Representatives and Senators to Pass Anti-Trafficking in Persons Laws
While the U.S. has strong federal anti-trafficking in persons legislation, it is helpful for states to pass laws of their own to further educate and involve local law enforcement officials.
4) Understand the Link Between Human Trafficking and Commercial, Sexual Exploitation
We estimate that of the 600,000-800,000 people trafficked across country borders every year, almost 70% are forced into the commercial sex industry. Half of all victims are children. Many are forced to work in brothels, illegitimate massage parlors, as "escorts," or in pornography. When people support such industries they are fueling the demand for commercial sexual services that fuel the demand for trafficking victims.
5) Report Suspected Human Trafficking Cases
If you believe someone you know may be a trafficking victim, contact the Department of Health and Human Services' Human Trafficking Hotline at (888) 373-7888. Information on how to recognize a potential human trafficking scenario and/or victim is available in the fact sheet "How Can I Recognize
Trafficking Victims."
Fact Sheet. Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. Washington, DC. August 9, 2004.
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Clergy Sexual Abuse
Domestic Abuse
Evil, Sin & Suffering
Grief: General
Grief: Loss of a Spouse
Grief: Loss of a Child
Grief: Catastrophic Loss
Grief: Loss Due to Suicide
Grief: Loss Due to Health
Sexual Abuse
Women in Crisis

Clergy Sexual Abuse
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GRIEF: Loss of A Spouse
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GRIEF: Loss Due to Suicide
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"The relationship of translator and translated demands a great deal of trust. The reputation of the speaker is in the hands of the translator. Is that not like our lives as representatives of God? He has entrusted us with his truth and his reputation in this world" --Diane Langberg, Ph.D.


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