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As He Is, So Are We In This World

Coping With Traumatic Memories

Coping With Traumatic Memories Continued

Lessons Learned in the Therapist's Chair
Lessons Learned in the Therapist's Chair Continued
Ministry of Small Things

More Lessons Learned in the Therapist's Chair
On Being Female



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The Blight of Domestic Sex Trafficking: Choosing Sides

Narcissism and the System it Breeds



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When the Church Becomes Complicit in Sin: Lessons on Preventing & Combatting Sexual Abuse



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Forum of Christian Leaders



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Suffering Trauma & Abuse



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INDIVIDUAL TALKS: Single CDs at $6.00 each

Beauty in Garbage City
The Bridegrooms' Call to the Lady Ecclesia
Burden Bearing
Caring for Women in Crisis
Clergy Sexual Abuse
Coping with Traumatic Memory
The Dignity of Women in Christ: A Woman and Her Relationships
Fellowship of His Sufferings
Fellowship of His Sufferings: Ground Zero
Healing Our Hurts
How to Make the Church a Safe Place for Women in Crisis
The Impact of Suffering and Evil on the Therapist
Leadership: Lessons of the Incarnation
Lessons Learned in the Therapist's Chair
A Look at the Spiritual Struggles Resulting from Childhood Sexual Abuse
Ministry in the Name of Jesus
Ministry in the Midst of Sexual Abuse
On Being Female
A Perspective on Suffering
Power Dynamics & Self Deception
Profile of a Shepherd Counselor
Raised from the Dead: The Role of Resurrection
Reflections on Thirty-Five Years of Therapy
The Role of Christ in Christian Counseling
Scenes from a Counselor's Life: A Journey into the Heart of God
Seduction of Ministry
Sex Trafficking and the Church's Response - 1 Hour or 3 Hour Workshop
Spiritual Leadership
The Spiritual Life of the Therapist
Theory of Personhood and its Therapeutic Application
Geography of the Mind of God and Implications for Counselors
Governing Principles and Cautions when Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder
Self-Deception: A Supporting Column to Abusive Behavior
Leadership, Authority and Power in the Church and in the Home
Narcissism & the System it Breeds
Required: Do Justice
God's Pursuit of a Woman's Soul 2016
Dungeons and Chapels - October 2012
More Lessons Learned in the Therapist's Chair 2014
More Lessons Learned in the Therapist's Chair - 2014 - DVD Format
Counseling Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma
Systemic Abuse - 2015
Systemic Abuse - 2015 - DVD Format
The Church as a Healing Community - 2016
Shame and Trauma
Culture, Christendom and Christ
Power Manifest Through Humility (To Men in the Church)
Trauma as a Place of Service
Violence Against Women - DVD Format
Principles & Cautions When Working With Dissociative Identity Disorder



Emotions; 2 CD set: $12.00
Their Place in the Life of a Christian

Evil, Sin, and Suffering; 3 CD set: $18.00
The Psychology of Sin
The Psychology of Suffering
The Heart of God

Faithfulness; 2 CD set: $12.00
What Faithfulness To Christ Looks Like
What Faithfulness To One's Spouse Looks Like

The God of All Comfort (Women's Conference); 3 CD set: $18.00
The Surpassing Value of Knowing Him
The Power of His Resurrection
The Fellowship of His Sufferings/Conformed to His Death

Grief; 2 CD set: $12.00
Understanding the Work of Grieving

Marriage; 2 CD set: $12.00
Part 1 & Part 2

Pastor's Summit on Marriage: 3 CD set: $18.00
Marriage: A Dwelling of God in the Spirit
Principles Governing Ministry
Seduction of Ministry

Relationships; 3 CD set: $18.00
The Purpose of Relationship
Responding to Conflict
Bearing One Another's Burdens

Righteousness: 3 CD set: $18.00
An Undivided Heart
A Disciplined Mind
A Guarded Tongue

Sexual Abuse: 2 CD set: $12.00
Psychology of Women Who Have Been Abused: Treatment Format
The Vulnerability of the Therapist

Talks to the Church on Abuse: 3 CD set: $18.00
Abuse Under the Guise of Submission
Understanding Sexual Abuse
An Effective Response to Abuse

Helping Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse: 3 CD set: $18.00
A Christian Response to Trafficking and Abuse: 3 CD set: $18.00
The Biblical Call: Global Violence Against Females
Domestic Human Trafficking
Sexual Abuse in Christian Organizations

Sexual Abuse & Complex Trauma (with Dr. Philip Monroe): 2 CD set: $12.00
Clinical and Spiritual Insights and Strategies

Addressing Trauma in International Settings - 2013: $6.00
Three Models in Dialogue
(with Dr. Phil Monroe and Dr. Matthew Stanford)

Narcissistic Systems: Assessment and Intervention: 2 CD Set: $12.00
with Dr. Phil Monroe

Child Sexual Abuse Treatment & Post-Traumatic Growth - 2 CD Set: $12.00
Phase Two Missteps & Correctives - with Dr. Phil Monroe (2014)

Kistemaker 2016 Academic Lecture Series: 4 CD Set: $24.00
Christ: The Power of Person
Therefore: Our Response to the World



Abuse: 7 CD set: $42.00
Abuse Under the Guise of Submission
Clergy Sexual Abuse
Coping with Traumatic Memory
Helping Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Fellowship of His Sufferings

For Counselors: 6 CD set: $36.00
Beauty in Garbage City
Fellowship of His Sufferings
The Impact of Evil and Suffering on the Therapist
Lessons Learned in the Therapist's Chair
Scenes from A Counselor's Life
The Spiritual Life of Therapist

Ministry: 6 CD set: $36.00
Burden Bearing
Clergy Sexual Abuse
Ministry in the Name of Jesus
Power Dynamics
Seduction of Ministry
Spiritual Leadership

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"We are not called to love and obedience to the ministry and its demands but to the Lord Jesus Christ and him alone." --Diane Langberg, Ph.D.


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