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Recommendations for Churches Dealing with Abuse

Like any other institution churches are susceptible to the twin plagues of the abuse of power and sexual misconduct. How should a church respond when such things are alleged or exposed? GENERAL PRINCIPLES We need to acknowledge to ourselves and publicly that the problems of abuse (child sexual abuse, rape, physical abuse and clergy sexual […]

Divisions, Deceptions and Disease

Divisions, Deceptions and Disease John Baillie, in his book A Diary of Private Prayer, wrote this: “Grant that my part in this world’s life today might not be to obscure the splendor of your presence but rather to make it more plainly visible in the eyes of men.” I fear that we as the body […]

Twitter Question Mandated Reporting

A Response to a Twitter Question I was recently asked the following question on twitter: “Can you address the complexities of mandated reporting related to the fact that adults typically have power of consent, other than elders and those with disabilities? With battered women or those abused as children it is possible to violate confidentiality […]

Living with Trauma Memories (in French)

VIVRE AVEC DES SOUVENIRS TRAUMATIQUES Pendant ce moment passé ensemble aujourd’hui, je voudrais vous dire ce que signifie vivre avec des souvenirs traumatiques. Ceux d’entre vous qui ont des souvenirs traumatiques savent que leur unique désir est de les voir disparaître. Si vous ne pouvez pas les faire disparaître, vous voulez au moins pouvoir les […]