I am convinced that we must start training Christian counselors to work as ‘missionaries’ of post-traumatic consolation and care, able to deliver the comfort of Christ himself to a very needy world. –Diane Langberg, Ph.D.

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Resist Abuse of Power & Become a Refuge

In “When the Church Harms God’s People”, Diane Langberg unveils what she has learned about how churches cause harm and why Christian communities often foster unhealthy leaders who end up hurting rather than protecting God’s people.

She offers hope for the future, describing how churches can reflect Christ not just in what they teach, but also in how they care for themselves and others.

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Welcome Message

In my work as a psychologist over the past 50 years I have had the privilege of meeting with suffering men and women from around the world. Their stories of trauma, grief and abuse have profoundly shaped me. God has taught me many lessons on this path and also given me the great privilege of sharing those lessons globally with many audience such as churches, lay and professional conferences, and humanitarian organizations.

The most fundamental lesson of those years has been the truth that love and obedience to Jesus Christ is the greatest factor in a human life. It is in this way that we learn, albeit slowly, to bring His life and love down into flesh and blood and so bless the suffering on this ruined planet. It is my hope that these pages will bring you a taste of an encounter with Him.

About Diane

Dr. Diane Langberg is a practicing psychologist whose clinical expertise includes 50 years of working with trauma survivors and clergy. She speaks internationally on topics related to women, trauma, ministry and the Christian life.

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Discover resources including helpful links, information and resources on human trafficking, action on how one can end modern-day slavery, and suggested reading.

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